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Technical Expertise
Pen Nib Technology
Highly wear resistant alloy, gold alloy and precision machining expertise are used to manufacture the smoothest nibs
The first and only retractable fountain pen in the world. It incorporates an innovative design and uses advanced technology where it is sealed by small metallic shutter that prevents the tip from drying.
Ball Point Pen Tip
All Pilot Ball point pens are constructed with stainless steel tips and use tungsten carbide balls
Advanced Gel Ink
Gel ink with a spring loaded ball point make our retractable G-2 pen a technology breakthrough. Advanced technology extends to our whole line of advanced inks.
Hi-Tec Point
This is an exclusive PILOT Patent where the micro ball – set in 3 or 4 dimples at the end of the Hi-Tec point. This technology makes it possible for the ink to flow freely and improve the rotation of the ball for a more fluid result.
Ink Regulator
By temporarily storing surplus ink membranes of different thickness, the ink regulator makes it possible to control the ink supply to the pen point and thus regulates the flow of ink in a regular manner throughout the whole of the pen life.
ATT System
“Air Tight and Through” – This system is characterized by and ingeniously adjusted spring at pen tip so that it is completely air tight. It assures optimum conditions for an instant writing every time and eliminates problems of dry ink pen point, ink blotching and ink leak.
Full Sliding Sleeve
Sleeve point refers to the metal tip. It protects the lead from breaking.
The sleeve point will gradually retract with the exhaustion of the lead.
The metal sleeve slides fully within the pencil preventing lead breakage and providing safety when carried in your pocket.
Shaker System
Just Shake twice and it's ready to write! This mechanical pencil is fitted with an inside feeder which triggers the system to push the lead forwards. Shaking the body is enough to make the lead move forward, without letting go of one's grip of mechanical pencil.
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